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Arthur Queen Quality Award Recipient from the Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc. - Insurance Management Company (IMC)Insurance Management Company (IMC) has earned a national reputation for its unique business model for helping commercial, industrial and institutional clients better manage risk. Clients working closely with our associates, optimize the purchase of property, liability and workers compensation insurance. IMC achieves this through the combination of a uniquely-skilled team and a culture that stresses “what would we do if it were our business”. We believe our approach makes a difference that is valued by our clients.

IMC’s approach is based upon starting with an in-depth understanding of its client’s business and risk profile, and then helping to structure insurance policies that closely reflect the client’s tolerance for risk.  We have an “all hands” meeting daily to review current events, emerging issues, discuss client programs, and brainstorm solutions which allows us to respond quickly, we have a tremendous advantage…and we’ve been doing it that way for 25+ years!

IMC’s service philosophy is to treat our client’s businesses as if they were our own, with the same passion and ongoing attention to detail, not just at renewal time but throughout the year. This is not a “marketing pitch” but, rather, the foundation of our business and the reason why IMC is the only agent in the country to have earned the Quality Award from the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS), the nations largest association of corporate risk managers. 

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