Our Difference | Insurance Management Company

For 25+ years at our daily “all hands” meeting, we discuss current and emerging issues, client programs, and solutions! At Insurance Management Company (IMC) all our clients get the benefit of our “Brain Trust” every day!

Insurance Management Company:

The Differentiator

IMC differentiates itself by gaining an understanding of the client’s risk profile, then with clients, structuring an insurance program that compliments the client’s overall risk management strategy.  

Highly Focused

The IMC staff of insurance agents and executives has a sense of urgency with all client issues and a broad depth of experience in industries involving large property risks, complex liability exposures, and unique technologies.  


Obvious hazards are just the tip of the iceberg. Through collaborative meetings with our clients, we use a facilitated interactive process, which we call our “Deep Dive”, to identify exposures, vulnerabilities, and solutions. Our proprietary “Deep Dive” gives our clients an entirely different understanding of both the risks that can negatively affect their operations and the role of insurance in managing those risks. 

Uniquely Qualified

The IMC team, humble but proud, has diverse insurance, financial, industrial, and professional backgrounds that enable us to bring a compelling “business perspective” to address current and emerging issues.


At IMC, our client relationships go far beyond transactional. We offer knowledgeable advice and council.



Our membership with the WBN gives our clients the feeling of working with a family owned business, but with access to global resources. We are Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Property, Liability & Workers’ Compensation Insurance Agents;  Lloyd’s London Correspondents and Correspondent  Brokers Worldwide.


Identification and analysis first, solutions next. Contact Insurance Management Company today.