Insurance Agents & Advisors | Insurance Management Company

Insurance Management Company (IMC) has a risk management and business continuity team with extensive experience in the insurance field. Whether you're looking for risk management services  or business continuity services, we will work with you to determine the options that best fit your needs. When you choose Insurance Management Company, you know who has the accountability, who you hired and who is going to do the work for you.

John C. Bloomstine, CPCU, ARM
42 years experience
Jack C. Bloomstine
Client Executive
5 years experience
Joseph J. Bloomstine, ARM
Client Executive
7 years experience
William C. Bloomstine, ARM
Client Executive
7 years experience
Peter M. Bloomstine
Director of Operations
3 years experience
Jack F. Grimm, ARM
Client Executive
35 years experience
Michael G. Kickel, MBA
Client Executive
11 years experience
Ryan  W.  Podufal, CRIS
Client Executive
4 years experience
Gregory L. Rinkus
Senior Risk Control Advisor
45 years experience

IMC offers continuity and a consistent service team. Contact us to learn more about what we offer.