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Insurance Management Company (IMC) places Aircraft Products Liability Insurance (API) & Aircraft Insurance (AI) policies across a wide spectrum of businesses and manufacturers.  API & AI present both significant loss exposures and specific contractual obligations that are uniquely associated with the aviation industry.  IMC has long standing relationships with both US and London aviation insurers that help IMC facilitate both the analysis and placement of insurance contracts in this highly significant area of risk.

The question often arises..."Do we really need to purchase aircraft products liability insurance?"

There are three key reasons to evaluate the need for Aircraft Products Liability insurance among many...

  • General liability insurance policies may exclude aviation risks;
  • Contracts with customers might require this specialized insurance; and
  • Properly crafted API & AI contracts provide insurance and specialized aviation specific defense counsel traditional General Liability insurance contracts may not deliver.

Two critical areas of importance associated with aviation products liability are:

  • Indemnity provisions in all aviation contracts are not standardized so they must be reviewed with your insurance team.  You Aviation Insurance needs to be in sync with your business contracts.  Aviation Insurance policies are different than other forms of insurance.
  • In order to reduce the risk of being either one of, or the only, party in a chain of supply with applicable API or AI you should consider only selling to those aviation risks that purchase API or AI of their own.  Accordingly, it is essential to evaluate and understand the API & AI limits purchased by suppliers and customers, and the specific insurers they use.

The insurance business is a people business.  We have, for over four decades established unique personal relationships with this small global universe of aviation insurance executives and aviation insurance underwriters.  We can bring meaningful value to the placement of this unique insurance contract.

Using our distinctive "Deep Dive" systematic team approach, we will take the time to understand the risks and exposures that are unique to your business...then, using our depth of experience and global knowledge, we will help you evaluate thoughtful solutions for the ever-evolving complex risks and emerging liabilities associated with being in the Aviation and Aircraft Products business.  We can help you identify:

What can go wrong?

How likely is it?

How bad can it be?

What can be done?

Walk us through your business...and we will apply our depth of experience and global knowledge to help craft your insurance program.



IMC plays a vital role in our global risk management program. I enjoy working with the team because I always receive prompt, reliable, and accurate advice. They are committed to providing quality service with integrity and a client-driven approach which delivers peace of mind every single day.
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