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Insurance Management Company’s (IMC) has over 50 years of experience insuring contractors and we are well versed in the unique insurance and risk management exposures and challenges of the construction industry.  We assist our clients in various aspects of the construction business, from contract inception to final completion.

Our client's construction experiences include:  conventional power plants, cooling tower construction, waste-to-energy facilities, major pipeline installations, street and road construction and reconstruction, general commercial construction and trade specialties.

Not all insurance agents are as familiar with the critical coverage nuisances involved in construction contracts and insurance.  We pride ourselves in assisting our clients with important construction insurance and risk management issues, such as:

  • The terms of their subcontract agreements;
  • The importance and complexity of the various additional insured requirements often requested in construction contracts.

Using our distinctive "Deep Dive" systematic team approach, we will take the time to understand the risks and exposures that are unique to your business...then, using our depth of experience and global knowledge, we will help you evaluate thoughtful solutions for the ever-evolving complex risks and emerging liabilities associated with being in the construction business.  We can help you identify:

What can go wrong?

How likely is it?

How bad can it be?

What can be done?

Walk us through your business...and we will apply our depth of experience and global knowledge to help craft your insurance program.

IMC is not your typical small town, family owned insurance agency, but rather a sophisticated, service intensive company that gives any large broker a run for their money.  They have made a difference in limiting our exposures via tighter controls which allows us to focus much more on the daily micro and macro challanges of running the business.
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