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Insurance Management Company (IMC) understands technology component manufacturers are often held to extremely high standards because of the critical areas where their products are utilized.  Accordingly, they need an insurance program that goes beyond the typical program designed for more general product manufacturers.  Our access to niche insurance programs that can be designed to specifically address the unique needs of each client are critical to meeting these higher standards.

High tech product manufacturers have unique risks determined by the specific application of their products...the key is identifying them.

A key exposure to plastic goods manufacturers that is often overlooked is liability for economic losses caused by defective products.  Most general liability policies only respond when Bodily Injury (BI) and Property Damage (PD) is caused by your product.  What if a manufacturing or design error in your product does not result in BI or PD but causes a financial loss to others?  This can be a significant exposure and one for which we are often able to present a solution...

Using our distinctive "Deep Dive" systematic team approach, we will take the time to understand the risks and exposures that are unique to your business...then, using our depth of experience and global knowledge, we will help you evaluate thoughtful solutions for the ever-evolving complex risks and emerging liabilities associated with being in the Technology Products business.  We can help you identify:

What can go wrong?

How likely is it?

How bad can it be?

What can be done?

Walk us through your business...and we will apply our depth of experience and global knowledge to help craft your insurance program.

“The IMC team gets it". They know that their greatest value to their customers is after the product has been sold. It is their ongoing commitment to the highest level of quality service that distinguishes them as the best in class.
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